Steve Kerr

Even if you’re a casual fan of basketball or sports, you probably have heard the news about Golden State Head Coach Steve Kerr being sidelined for the playoffs.

He’s out indefinitely due to complications after he had back surgery a few years ago.
This isn’t the first time he’s had problems. In fact, early last year he was out for almost 30 games with debilitating migraines due to the back surgery.

This time it’s new complications from the same back surgery.

The other day Steve Kerr came out and said, “If you’re listening out there, if you have a back problem, stay away from surgery. Rehab, rehab, rehab.”

Thankfully, someone in a position such as Kerr is in is starting to speak out about the problems with such an invasive treatment as back surgery.

The stats are not in favor of the patient when it comes to success rates of low back surgeries. In fact, there are some sources that state low back surgery has an 18% success rate. Meaning the rest of the time people are stuck getting more and more surgeries, or are simply in as much or more pain than they were before.

The percentage of people who visit a surgeon first for their low back pain and wind- up getting back surgery is near 40%. Compare that with only 1% of people who visited a chiropractor first end up getting the surgery.

Those stats are eye opening and should be considered by everyone thinking about getting help for their back pain.

Steve Kerr’s story is a tragic one. He’s a bright, young, and talented coach, with lots of success still ahead of him, as long as his back doesn’t stop him from getting there.

Back surgery isn’t something that should be frowned upon, but it is something that should be considered as a final option. Once all the other ideas and possibilities have been exhausted.

Then, and only then should we look to something so invasive.

Here’s to Steve Kerr getting his health back and returning to his position with the Golden State Warriors as soon as he can.

Stay healthy friends.