What’s your purpose?

In other words, why do you wake up every morning?

The average American floats. He or she goes from day-to-day clocking in and then clocking out. The energy exchange is minimal. They do just enough to get by.

Is this how you want to live your life?

Are you content being the person who hops on the hamster wheel and simply goes mindlessly ahead? Not really sure where it’s leading, not really caring at the same time.

It’s easy as a human to fall into a pattern. The path or least resistance is typically the most popular trail. This is why most people are content with waking up and just getting by.

To me, it seems a lot like ground hog day. Instead of pushing for a goal or vision, you give it all up to just not have to feel anything.

Purpose is what gets stuff done. It’s how our country was built. Some men got together and realized that they could create something special here that all their kids’ kids would grow to appreciate.

Their purpose was large and the work involved was also.

However, they ultimately got what they strived for because their vision was so powerful.

Your purpose drives you to accomplish whatever you’re looking to do. Without purpose you have nothing.

At Hands For Life, we began our organization because of our main purpose. That’s to provide chiropractic care to those who are unable to afford it.

This vision has led us to get dozens of doctors around the country on board in serving lower income communities. It has also led to more endeavors around the world when it comes to helping others.

If you would like to find out more about our organization, you can learn more on our website at www.handsforlifesd.org. We welcome any support you can offer.

Stay healthy friends.