Chiropractic and Wind Farms

Interesting title, huh?

Who would ever think that a wind farm and chiropractic would be used in the same sentence or same blog post.

Truthfully, chiropractic has a lot in common with wind farms. The wind turbines found on these farms are used to generate electricity for the grid. They’re not capable of being used for all our electrical needs, however, they do contribute to a portion of our electricity.

When it comes to our bodies, most people understand that the brain controls and runs the show. However, have you ever stopped and wondered how or where the brain gets all its energy from?

Don’t worry…I’ll wait…

The brain does get some of its energy from food, however, the majority of it’s fuel comes from a different source.

That source is actually our spine.

Yup, that’s right. About eighty percent of the energy needed to power our brains comes directly from motion in the spinal bones. Without that motion, our brains can’t function at their optimal levels and the rest of the body suffers.

What does that look like?

Well, when the brain doesn’t have enough energy to run properly it affects all areas of the body. Some people may experience anxiety, or depression. Others could experience digestive trouble, headaches, or pain somewhere in the body.

The symptoms vary depending on the person.

So, how does chiropractic fit into this story?

Getting adjusted by a chiropractor helps put motion into spinal segments that were otherwise not moving as well as they should. This lack of motion, called a subluxation, causes the brain and the rest of the body to not function at 100%.

Just as a wind turbine or wind farm helps power our homes and bring electricity to us, chiropractic helps bring motion to our spines, and energy to our brains.

Moral of the story, get adjusted. And stay healthy.