You can go with this, or you can go with that…

There’s no shortage of medications or healing modalities in the world.

Depending on your problem or ailment, you can have tens if not hundreds of ways to approach it.

Part of the reason we feel chiropractic care is the best healthcare option around is it’s natural and an un-intrusive application. It’s hard to find many other healing alternatives that offer such a benefit without serious side-effects.

Take this story for example…

A friend of ours recently lost his mother-in-law. The way she passed was the horrific part.

His mother-in-law was overweight and had Type II Diabetes for 20 plus years. Recently, her doctor told her she needed to lose weight.

So, to make it “easy” for her, he prescribed her a medication that would allow her to lose weight and not have to change how she ate or exercised. The weight would just “fall off”.

Sounds too good to be true? Just wait…

Well, she went home and began using the medication. In a few days she noticed a significant decrease in weight. Fat was literally being shed off her arms and legs, BUT there was a large bulge developing in her stomach.

So, she went back in to see her doctor.

The doc took a look at the swelling and said he thought it was just water retention from the medication and prescribed her a diuretic to help get rid of some of the fluid.

Fast forward a few more days…her stomach was increasing in size and beginning to be very painful.

So, she went back once more…

This time the doctor looked at her and panicked. He immediately called 911.

When she arrived at the ER the hospital staff attempted to shove a ventilator down into her stomach.

But it got stuck in a pool of blood and fluid.

Which immediately sent her into cardiac arrest. As a result of the cardiac arrest, she experienced kidney failure.

As a result of the kidney failure she had to have a complete blood transfusion.

19-hours later, she was pronounced dead. A woman who had plenty of healthier options, killed at 65.

To add insult to injury, her husband was stuck with $80,000 in medical bills.

As horrific of a story this is, it also illustrates the dangers of the “quick-fix” and what happens when we try to outsmart Mother Nature.

Not to say medicine isn’t needed in dire situations. It definitely has its place.

But these types of approaches should be saved only for emergency situations.

All other instances should call for much less invasive and harmful procedures.

No matter how you look at it, cost, effectiveness, or dangers, we feel chiropractic is our best option to live a pro-active, healthier, and more productive life.