Why we love medication and surgery

For hundreds of years there has been a big rift between chiropractic and medicine. It seems as though both professions can’t co-exist.

This is definitely not the case, however, the dispute seems to still continue in a few circles.

Now, to be fair, in the present day, chiropractic and medicine seem to have much more mutual respect for each other than in previous decades.

We firmly believe that medicine is needed to ensure a civilization that continues to thrive and grow.

However, medicine shouldn’t be something that we rely on to be healthy.

The reason we say that is because being healthy using medication is an oxymoron.

The actual need for medication or something synthetic outside of ourselves to keep us alive, shows that we are not “healthy”.

If we were truly healthy, we would not need any medication because our bodies would be perfectly capable of dealing with everything life throws at us.

Medication and surgery are the tools the medical world utilizes to perform its work. There is nothing wrong with these tools when they’re used in the proper situation.

Such as, an emergency: heart attack, punctured lung, cancer, etc.

However, in the vast amount of problems that are not emergencies such as high blood pressure, headaches, digestive upset, etc., medication and surgery should be the final resort.

They should be used only once all the other options are exhausted.

Chiropractic is best when used to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Can it help in emergency situations?

Sure. But it’s not nearly as effective or consistent as medicine.

When it comes to helping people live a healthier, more productive, and more comfortable life, chiropractic is the best option.

Medicine can’t compare.

For this reason, both of these professions are extremely crucial for humanity’s continued expansion and evolution.

It’s important to understand the type of situation our bodies are in. Once it’s determined to be either a non-emergency, or an emergency, then we can utilize the proper profession that will benefit us the most.

Stay healthy friends.