What We Wish Everyone Understood About Their Health

Do you feel good?

Do you look good?

If you are one or both of these, does that make you healthy?

Truthfully, answering “yes” to both questions matters very little when it comes to your body’s health.

The only way to really know how healthy you are is through function. In other words, how are bodies are working and performing.

How do you measure something like this?

Well, many chiropractors utilize equipment like HRV, Static Electromyography, or Thermography to see how well you adapt to stress, or how well your muscles, circulation, and nervous system are working.

Radiographs are another great tool to measure function.

How could that be?

Because structure determines function.

What that means is a spine that is in-line and has great curves will be able to move and function much better than a spine with lots of degeneration and shifting of vertebrae.

If you’re a basketball fan take LeBron James for example…the greatest player in the NBA. He’s 6’8, 260 pounds of muscle. His body is the perfect blend of size, speed, and leaping ability.

In other words, his structure allows him to function as the best player in basketball.

Compare LeBron with Stephen Curry. Also one of the greatest players, but Steph has a much different body type, or structure. He’s smaller, about 6’3, and not as heavy as LeBron, weighing around 210 lbs.

When you compare the games of these great players you immediately notice the differences. LeBron excels at all things requiring athleticism, because the structure of his body allows for him to function at such a high level physically.

Steph relies more on shooting ability and touch. He’s quick, but can’t jump as high, or push people around quite like LeBron.

That being said…

We want you to feel good! We want you to look good! But don’t mistake that for an accurate reading of your health.

Go get your function analyzed and see how healthy you truly are.

Stay healthy friends.