Are You Healthy?

Whenever someone comes into a healthcare office, they’re always wanting to know how healthy, or unhealthy they are.

It’s important to consider that health is not some specific point on a chart. Instead, it’s a range that’s always changing.

Just like our bodies. We’re always changing and adapting. Unless, of course, we’re dead. When we stop changing to the environment around us, we’re no longer considered “alive”.

Take your temperature for example. 98.6 degrees is ideal. But so is 98.7 or 98.8. None of those numbers would be cause for concern. That’s because just like the rest of your body, your temperature constantly fluctuates.

As long as we stay within a “normal” range, then it’s fair to say our body is functioning optimally. The problems occur when we start to move out of the healthy or normal ranges.

This is when we’re moving away from a state of health into a state of disease.

Most people consider themselves healthy if they feel good and look good. While these play a role, they’re not the entire story. In fact, when discussing health, about ten-percent of your health can be based on how you feel. The other ninety-percent should be based on how your body functions.

Why is that?

Your entire body is controlled by your nervous system. There isn’t one cell, tissue, or organ that’s left untouched. That being said, approximately ten-percent of your nervous system is sensory, or can feel anything. The other ninety-percent is completely functional in nature. Meaning it doesn’t feel anything, it simply controls and directs the body in these areas.

Therefore, if you were to have an issue with your health in an area controlled only by nerves having to do with function, then you probably wouldn’t feel any sort of pain or discomfort.

On the other hand, if you had a problem that occurred in an area where there was a concentration of sensory nerves, then you would most likely feel terrible.

When you think about yourself, chances are you base a majority, if not all, your health on how you feel. While this can be effective for some areas of the body, it can’t possibly do the entire body justice.

So, what can you do?

Well, we’d recommend having the function of your body tested and analyzed routinely to make sure there are no issues with any cells, tissues, or organs. This is the best way to ensure you’re proactive with your health.

Without knowing the function of your body you’re leaving ninety-percent up to chance.

Stay healthy friends.