Chiropractic and Epigenetics

If you’re somewhat interested in health and the body you may have heard about the advancements in our understanding of Epigenetics. This is a field of study that looks at our environment and the role it plays on our health and bodies.

For a long period of time, scientists and researchers thought that genes determined your destiny. In other words, if you had a certain gene for high blood pressure, then it was just a matter of time before you got it. This essentially made us victims without any control over what happens with our health.

However, over the past ten-years we’ve discovered new information that proves genes aren’t the sole-determining factor in your health. In fact, they only play a minor roll.

Actually, whas the biggest impact on your body and its health is the environment you’re entrenched in. This is what we call Epigenetics.

For example, you could have a gene for high blood pressure, but you will also have a gene for normal blood pressure. The high blood pressure gene won’t turn on unless it’s signaled by the environment.

What would this kind of signal look like?

Typically, an environment that will trigger an unwanted or negative gene to express itself will be due to one or more stressors. The stressors could be, toxic air quality, fast food, lack of exercise, loss of sleep, etc.

If your environment is negative and full of stress, then your chances of turning on these negative genes goes increases.

The reason chiropractic plays a role Epigenetics is because of the research that shows chiropractic reducing stress in the body. Less stress means a better environment for the genes. A better environment for the genes means better/more positive genes expressing themselves.

Most people don’t take this into consideration when they think about the role chiropractic care plays in their health. It’s typically viewed as a non-medical treatment to pain relief.

Although many people get relief from their pain through chiropractic, the impact of this type of health care has huge benefits that extend way beyond pain.

The next time you worry that you might be pre-disposed to some ailment because your mother or grandpa suffered from it, remember, genetics are not the major player. The determining factor is ultimately the environment you put yourself in.

Therefore, you have all the control. It’s empowering and scary all at the same time. Ultimately, you and only you are responsible for your health.

Stay healthy friends.