Do unto others as you would have them do for you.

Give and you shall receive.

There’s no shortage of sayings like this in our culture today. They may sound cliché, but the reason they do is because they’re tried and true.

Hands For Life was founded, among other things, to help those in our communities who don’t have access to doctors, get the opportunity to have natural healthcare in the form of Chiropractic.

Through our giving and serving, we have been blessed tremendously in ways we could have never imagined. In the years we’ve been running Hands For Life, we’ve had people experience health breakthroughs, touched thousands of spines, created connections with leaders in various communities, and been able to watch feeble children grow into thriving teenagers.

We serve out of our own abundance to those who may not be as fortunate. In return, we receive way more than we give. The friendships that have been created through our mission work in Tijuana are outstanding. The gratitude we get as doctors every weekend we go down to serve the people always inspires us to do more of the work.

Positive emotions, such as fulfillment, go hand-in-hand with doing this work, and always pay us back ten-fold for any effort we put in. These experiences also create a feeling of connection that’s more powerful than any drug known to man.

Reciprocity is the exchange that happens in any interaction. It can happen in the form of money, touch, energy, etc. Without it, someone feels cheated or taken advantage of.

Many people are un-interested in mission work, or what some may call charity. The biggest reason they feel that way is most likely due to the fact that they don’t think there is an even exchange.

Unfortunately, they’re sadly mistaken. The energy transfer that happens in mission work or charity is enormous. As anyone who has done true mission work could tell you. The act of giving solely for the sake of giving, without any expectation of reciprocity, creates exactly that, reciprocity.

The emotions that stir inside someone after a moment of service can be: love, gratitude, hope, forgiveness, etc. These feelings are powerful and give way more to the giver than to the receiver. If you’re thinking about doing some kind of mission work but have been on the fence, let this blog post share as a hard push to come experience what serving for the sake of serving is all about.

Stay healthy friends.