Happy Thanksgiving

It’s easy to get down and focus on everything that hasn’t gone your way in 2017, the business that hasn’t been growing, the relationship that’s been fizzling, the money that hasn’t been coming in.

However, one thing is for certain…no matter who you are, or what’s going on in your life, you still have a lot of which you can be thankful.

Giving thanks isn’t just something that should be honored only one day. We should be grateful every day we wake up.

Our body is the universe’s most amazingly designed machine. Capable of running trillions of processes each second without skipping a beat. Each morning we wake up and open our eyes, we could spend that time to reflect on just how magnificent that one moment truly is.

Life is precious and it’s gone in a flash. We don’t cherish it as much when we’re constantly in the bubble. This is understandable, but also a shame.

Many people wait till they’re on their deathbed before realizing what they should have and could have appreciated during their lifetime.

You have the power to do that now, starting today. To give thanks for all that you’ve been given. No, it doesn’t need to be material things that you’re thankful for. Rather just the opportunity to wake up and smell the morning grass another time. Or to hear your loved one’s voice.

Be thankful for the amazing opportunity you’ve been given to live life on earth. And even more special, to live life on earth in the greatest country our world has ever seen.

We can spend plenty of time discussing what’s wrong with life and our world. There’s no shortage of violence, crime, disease, and greed in our country today. If we focus on those negative elements you may even conclude that we’re in worse shape than ever before.

However, if can find the negative, you can also find the positive. If you’re open to looking for things to be grateful for you may realize that we’re more connected than ever before. Technology is constantly moving ahead at mind-blowing speeds to make our lives better. People are fighting for better lives, more equality, more inclusion. Things are moving forward. Life is getting better.

It’s all about what you choose to focus on. Today, and everyday forward let’s choose to be thankful.

Stay healthy friends.