Giving and Receiving

Christmas is a great time to be around friends and family, receive gifts and have fun.

It’s also a great time to pause and reflect about what we’re thankful for, how we’ve treated others, what kind of person we’ve been this year.

In America, we have a tradition of receiving gifts on Christmas. It’s a great time for children and adults. However, a lot of the value in celebrating this holiday can get lost for this very reason.

Regardless if it’s a birthday or Christmas, receiving a material gift gives us a very strong emotional response in our brain. However, this response is fleeting. It never stays.

Once we’ve had our pleasure and moment of excitement, the feeling begins to fade.
Eventually, it fades so much that it’s almost as if we never received a gift at all. This leaves us feeling empty and craving more.

The cycle can turn into a negative loop that only tends to get worse if no intervention is made. This can lead to lots of spoiled kids and adults ☺.

Giving is different than receiving. Sure, you don’t get the thrill of opening a surprise that is meant specifically for your enjoyment.

Instead, you get the gift of seeing your present light up another’s life. If we all spent a little more time on giving this year, we’d have a better world, and a better life.

This is exactly why we started Hands For Life.

We saw the need and importance for chiropractic care around the world. Not just in our city. Also, we understood there was a significant financial barrier in third world countries to chiropractic care, with most communities having no access at all to chiropractic care.

The purpose of Hands For Life is to go to these underserved, poverty-stricken areas and provide them with the power of chiropractic care.

Through the care we provide these people, lives have the potential to change in powerful ways.

We’re always looking for more doctors to help us in the mission of bringing chiropractic care to these deserving communities.

If you are in the Christmas spirit and want to give, feel free to contact us so we can share with you more about our mission and purpose.

Stay healthy friends.