Do you go to the dentist? If so, this is a must read!

Do you go to the dentist? If you answered that “yes”, then I have a follow-up question. Why do you go? The reason the majority of people go to the dentist is for a cleaning and to make sure they don’t have any cavities. We take care of our teeth very well. In fact, most people go routinely just to make sure no problems or issues arise with their teeth.

Do you go to the chiropractor routinely to have your nervous system checked for problems? Understand why that’s critical to your health. The thing about your teeth is if they get bad enough, the worst-case scenario is we can replace them. The problem with using that approach for your nervous system is if there is a problem, you can’t just replace your spinal cord. Like the cavities in your teeth, the problem areas in your nervous system, which we call subluxations, don’t get better on their own, they get worse. So, someone may have two subluxations which are contributing to digestive problems and low-back pain. But if they don’t do anything about them, those symptoms may turn into more serious issues like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Why take the risk? Our teeth can always be replaced, our nervous system can’t. Get checked by a chiropractor trained to locate and correct subluxations. And make sure your greatest asset, your health, will be there when you need it.