Everything alive is in motion. Humans constantly move about, ants, dogs, cows, etc. Even the things we don’t typically think of as moving, such as, trees, are moving. Maybe not on the surface but when you go under the soil you see the roots growing, constantly moving and searching to find water. Also, the leaves are sprouting and growing, while the tree is constantly moving/growing toward the sun.

Movement is life and without it we die. When you look at humans in a hospital, the ones moving around are generally the ones who will be leaving the hospital soon. However, when you see someone who is bed-ridden and not moving, they are usually walking a tightrope between life and death.

Our spines are no different. Motion brings health and healing to the entire body. If the spine is not moving, then entire bodily function shuts down. Organs don’t work and symptoms soon follow. Restoring motion to the spine allows the body’s physiology to function better and is why chiropractic is so important to everyone’s health.