Our bodies are simply amazing organisms. Digestion is one process that doesn’t get the proper appreciation that it deserves.
We can eat all kinds of different foods and our body knows exactly what to do with the nutrients. Consciously, we don’t even have to pay attention to what’s happening. In fact, think about the last time you ate food and had to mentally tell your stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid, or your pancreas to secrete insulin to let the sugar into the cells. Your answer is almost certainly, never. That’s because of the master control system in our bodies called, the nervous system. It controls and runs everything. Not one cell is left un-touched.
When talking about our digestive system, it’s mostly under what we call the Autonomic Nervous System. Which basically means it’s subconsciously controlled. We don’t have to pay attention to it. Our bodies are so intelligent, that they simply carry out the tasks. This entire process is ready and good to go from birth, just like everything else in our body. It’s hard to ignore the amazing intelligence in our universe when you begin to look at our own bodies.