Thanksgiving 2016

Since it’s Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment and give gratitude for the opportunity to affect all the lives we’ve been able to in the last few years.

Our mission has grown so much in Tijuana. It makes us so proud to see the community just across our border get more and more access to chiropractic care.

When we first began going down to Tijuana, we traveled to different locations in order to see people and spread the word about our work. However, at this point in time, we can set up in a farmer’s market in the middle of town and see hundreds of people in a morning!

Most people we checked and adjusted had never received chiropractic care in their lives. Now, at this point, we commonly see people who return each time we’re in Tijuana to get checked and adjusted. Not only that, but they’ve begun to bring their entire families to get the positive effects of chiropractic as well.

If the next years are anything like the first two, we are set for more massive growth! We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve and bring this wonderful service to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.