Move It Or Lose It!

Life is movement.

Think about it…

Anything that’s alive has movement. Sure, animals are easy to see move, but it’s not always crystal clear, like with a plant.

However, if you look long enough and deep enough, you will eventually find the motion.

For example, plants grow and sway in the breeze. They also have a chemical/neurological system inside that sends nutrients and messages throughout. Without this movement, the plant would surely parish.

Humans and animals are no different. Movement is key, and a major sign of life. Without movement, humans would not be able to get the blood to circulate the body.

It would pool, and it often does when you look at someone who has been on bed rest in a hospital, or at home in bed for long periods of time.

Movement helps hormones circulate around the body properly. It builds and tones muscles. It allows the heart to work better and the lungs to pump more oxygen and carbon dioxide.

All those processes are essential for your body to function at its highest level. However, there’s one process that is more important than anything else that I’ve spoken about…getting energy to the brain.

Did you know the brain uses about 80% of all the energy supply in the body? Pretty incredible, huh?

Did you also know that about 80% of the energy the brain gets to run comes from spinal motion?

That’s right, movement of the spinal bones creates energy that helps the brain function properly. Without it we would die!

Chiropractic plays a vital role in the brain getting the energy it needs. Especially when there are subluxations in the spine.

The subluxations can cause loss of movement in the spine, keeping the brain from getting as much energy as it needs. When this happens, all systems in the body have the potential to be interfered with.

Don’t let this be a problem for you. Get your spine adjusted!

Stay healthy friends.