Sugar and Your Nervous System

If you’re anything like me, your taste buds love the flavor of sweet. The sweeter the better!

Anything that is sweet, by law has to have sugar. Unfortunately, sugar is harmful to our bodies.

Even in smaller amounts, sugar can affect us in a negative way. It doesn’t matter if it’s processed sugar, which tends to be thousands of times sweeter than the natural form, or just plain old fruit.

Sugar is sugar.

The reason sugar is so harmful to our bodies is that it causes inflammation in our cells and hijacks our nervous system.

Inflammation has been discovered to be at the root of every chronic disease we know, whether we’re talking about heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Sugar also affects our nervous system negatively. It causes the same sort of reaction that cocaine does. We become hooked on sugar just like we would become hooked on a street drug. Sugar has been found to be just as addictive.

It creates a loop. After we have some sugar, a few hours later we crave more of it. This process will continue and grow stronger and stronger.

It’s even harder to break the sugar addiction because of how commonplace it can be found. It’s literally everywhere.

In fact, if you pick up a box, package, or can at the store, chances are extremely high that you will find sugar somewhere in the ingredients.

Companies have become smarter about how they label sugar in their products. They know people have started to look for it. Instead of calling it “sugar” they label it things like, “natural flavors” or “fructose”.

If you see these kinds of names, stay away! Or else, your body will be negatively affected by it.

The best thing you can do is keep away from sugar. Consume a diet made up of mostly fats and proteins. This will help to lower sugar cravings in your body, lower inflammation, and help your nervous system function better.

Stay healthy friends!